The 36-foot wall at the University of Dayton’s admission center engages prospective students and reveals videos of student life at UD. The wall displays continuously changing patterns of generative graphics, which respond to the presence of people in front of the wall.

The field of cubes is animated with waves of activity, and a viewer’s presence causes them to rotate and unveil POV videos of a student experience. The viewers can explore the videos moving around to reveal different video fragments. When viewers stand together, their silhouettes join to reveal more of the video. When no one is present in the interaction area the installation displays typographic animations overlaid on the dynamically animated graphic patterns.

For more video documentation and details of design and development process see the Case Study.

Two viewers in the interaction area join to reveal a larger portion of the video.

The videos, produced by Hush Studios and directed by Peter Rhoads, are shot from a first-person perspective. They include shots from the UD classrooms and labs, as well as other aspects of campus life.

Prospective students and their families can interact with the wall on their campus visit.

The viewer’s movement affects the behavior of the field of cubes in several ways. Cameras mounted in the ceiling above the interaction area send the contour of the viewer’s silhouette to the application that is responsible for animating and drawing the cubes. The cubes in the area of that contour face the viewer and move together to form a seamless ‘screen’ of many video tiles. Cubes around the viewer’s silhouette adapt a different behavior, making the viewer’s every move reflected in the pattern that is formed in front of them.

The field of cubes is programmed to display many different behaviors, forming various animated designs. Color palettes change periodically as well, adding to the variance in the system.

When no-one is present in the interaction area, the generative graphics continue forming new patterns. These are overlaid with animations of typography spelling our questions that invite reflection on values UD aims to instill in their students.