Riddle Wall is an interactive installation for the University of Dayton, created with 160over90.

A photographic mosaic that fills the wall is made up of a mixture of images from University of Dayton and beyond, and user generated images. Everyone can contribute an image and a sentiment to the wall by tagging their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook posts with a hashtag #visitUD.

When someone steps in front of the wall, it begins to tell a story. The story is told through a riddle. Viewer interaction reveals a sequence of words which ends in a blank. There’s a pattern to the sequence suggesting what might be the word that completes it. However, when the solution is finally revealed, it is always a surprise, a twist on what’s expected. A short text about an aspect of the University ties the solution to the rest of the sequence and tells the viewer a bit of interesting information about the University.


The pause on the ‘blank’ implores the viewer to solve the riddle, and give some thought to what the University has to offer.


The image illustrating the solution appears as a slide-tile puzzle, that is rearranged to form a complete picture.



The mosaic of images tells a photographic story that reflects the life of the UD community. The 300 images on the wall cycle through an archive of user contributed images and photographs that relate to the University and the work it’s doing in the world.


A simple moderation solution lets the user contributions appear on the wall almost immediately, while giving the University control over the content of the mosaic.



The solution to the riddle is a short text and an image illustrating a unique aspect of the University.

Agency: 160over90
Creative Direction: Cory McCall
Director of Production: Brian Tennyson

Creative Direction: Karolina Sobecka
Technical Direction and software development: Jeff Crouse
Unity3d software development: Ramsey Nasser